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A guide to film and television locations in and around Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, south east London.


Google map showing the locations of film and television recordings in the Rotherhithe and Bermondsey area


Films recorded in the Rotherhithe and Bermondsey area


Television shows filmed in the Rotherhithe and Bermondsey area

I’ve always enjoyed seeing places I know appearing in films or on TV, especially locally; it’s surprising just how often I’ve seen my local pub, the Mayflower, on screen, and I remember watching The Bill film a police car being rolled early one morning, after waking to find my house surrounded by the crew’s filming trucks and stunt cars.

I also love seeing how the local area has changed over recent decades; this is not a suburb stuck in aspic but a place which has changed enormously just within my memory, and it’s lovely to see some of how it looked before preserved for ever on film.

I’ve mapped local appearances on screen, and where I have access to video I’ve posted footage of local scenes, sometimes with ‘then and now’ photos for comparison, and in some cases with maps for orientation, for the landscape has changed utterly.

I was enthralled to discover the 1959 film The Giant Behemoth, in which a sea monster emerges from the Thames and lays waste to Rotherhithe, specifically the area which was soon to be obliterated from the landscape forever by King’s Stairs Gardens.

I’ll keep adding to the site if I can, where new information comes to light (I have more lined up) or where new appearances are made.

Do let me know if you spot SE16 on Screen!

If you’ve spotted something missing, or have more information to add, please get in touch via the contact page, thanks!

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